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4-Bromomethcathinone (Brephedrone) is found in the cathinone and phenethylamine chemical classes. The research compound works similarly to a serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. 4-BM-C causes effects of physical, psychological, and subjective effects when administered.

4-Bromomethcathinone (4-BMC HCl) methanol 1mg/mL as free base, certified  reference material, ampule 1mL, Cerilliant 135333-27-6                          Buy 4-BMC online with delivery | Research Chemicals Price

The toxicity and long-term health effects of recreational 4-BM-C use do not seem to have been studied in any scientific context and the exact toxic dosage is unknown.

Formula: C10H12BrNO

CAS Number: 486459-03-4

Molecular Weight: 242.11

Purity: 99.9%

Appearance: Crystals

Research Chemicals are available in Crystalline solid, crystal, powder, and liquid form.

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