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Buy Misoprostol Online :Today, women mostly depend on using abortion pills for ending a pregnancy. Clinically, Misoprostol abortion pills are efficient in ceasing a pregnancy between 10 weeks gestation. The Misoprostol online price is negligible when it is compared to expense one does on healthcare visits or surgery. The tablet is 95 percent times successful, when combined with Mifepristone. Women can buy Misoprostol online for causing safe pregnancy termination in home.

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When Not to Take Misoprostol?

It is not safe to Buy Misoprostol in case the woman is suffering from adrenal gland problems, heart disease, liver/uterus/kidney disorder, ectopic pregnant, allergic to abortion pill. Also, do not Buy Misoprostol Without Prescription if over 10 weeks pregnant, uses blood thinning treatment, over 35 years of age, has bleeding problems, and other contraindicating disorders.

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What are the Dosage Methods?
There are two ways of ingesting or using Misoprostol. The most preferred and efficient method is oral, but many may buy Misoprostol online and utilize the tablets vaginally.
Oral: Take (200mcg each) 4 tablets buccally (in cheek pouches) and let these dissolve for 30 minutes before swallowing.
Vaginal Misoprostol Alone: Insert 4 abortion pills deep inside vagina so as it is close to the womb. The insertion must be done with fingers. To avoid infections and injury do not use any tools. The medicines melt in few days, or hours. If there are few non-dissolved bits left, then visit a healthcare professional.

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