Keifei Pharma Trenbolone Mix 200mg Parabolin Blend injection


: Keifei Pharma Superbolin 100,

Manufacturer: Keifei Pharmaceuticals (Cambodia),

Contents: 100mg/1ml/10ml trestolone acetate (MENT) multi-dose injection vial.



Buy Parabolin Blend Injection ,

Manufacturer: Keifei Pharmaceuticals,

Contents: 200mg/1ml/10ml tri trenbolone mix multi-dose injection vial. Containing the ingredients of 80mg of trenbolone acetate, 80mg of trenbolone enanthate and 40mg of parabolan (trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate) per 1ml.

PARABOLIN BLEND - 200                                Keifei Tren Blend Mix 200 - Untamed Anabolics & Supplement SA

This trenbolone mix product is the most versatile injectable steroid that a bodybuilder can buy online. Excellent for bulking as well as cutting. Grow lean muscle at a fast pace, as well as healing quicker and training harder.

Jual PARABOLIN BLEND 10ml KEIFEI PHARMA TRENBOLONE BLEND di Lapak santidisma | Bukalapak

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